New photos!

Skibbereen would like to thank Kristy Hanlon/Kristy Hanlon Photography

for an outstanding photo session on this past Wednesday, here is our brand-new band photo, all are finally present and accounted for and official!

First official band photo of Skibbereen 4.1!

First official band photo of Skibbereen 4.1!

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Hot fun in the summer time!

We live!

While we’ve been on the down-low as far as social media and this web site are concerned, we have been anything but inactive…as usual, rehearsals, writing sessions and other behind-the-scenes activities have been part of our collective hibernation.  Oh, and working on a new album/CD!

Three summer shows so far, first:

Legacy of Giving festival is the weekend of June 7, 2019 and Skibbereen is opening the festival on the side stage on 5th St, Friday, 6/7/19 from 5:00 PM to 5:30 PM.  Realizing it’s a short set, we’re aiming for a hot set with very high energy and a couple of brand new songs!  Here’s LoG’s website:

Next, Downtown Springfield, Inc was one of the recipients of the coveted Leavitt-AMP grants to foster live music in urban areas such as Springfield and the festival begins soon with all events planned for the “Y-Block” (across the street from the newly-renovated Governor’s Mansion-at the location of the old YWCA ) on Thursday evenings, apparently Springfield’s new “hump day!”  Skibbereen will perform an hour-long set opening up at 6:00 PM on 07/25/2019 followed by Chicago’s own Switchback-should be a riotous good time and please show up for as many of these as you can across all genres, the lineup for each and every show looks to be top-shelf.  DSI’s website:

Last, Skibereen was asked again to play the Peoria Irish Fest (formerly Erin Feis) and this year our 08/24/2019 time slot is NOON at the O’Neill’s stage, which is the medium-sized stage that has the Guinness truck/trailer at one end and the music stage at the other.  We’ll be on stage from 12:00 PM until 1:30 PM and this is one of the most fun shows we’ve ever played and a pleasant time is guaranteed for all-please make the short drive to the Riverfront Park in Peoria, it’s a splendid facility.  The park has a great river-walk viewpoint to escape the crowds when you need to get away.  Irish/Celtic culture abounds, authentic foods, cultural center, dancing and the music-well, there are always (and will be this year) bands/musicians from all over the world gracing the stages of PIF, hope to see you there, here’s the web site:



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Captain’s log – 8/06/2018

Wow, what happened to summer? Once again, the dog days slowly came, teased us with mint juleps, white wine, a cold Guinness and perhaps a pool day and for awhile, it was heaven. And now, it’s almost time for school to start and the end of summer events are rapidly approaching. Such is the case with Skibbereen…we’re back in the saddle, once again as a 6-piece with Colin’s return to guitars and Matt’s return to drums. With the addition of an additional rhythm instrument, it’s a much fuller sound and it’s like sliding into your favorite comfy chair, the grooves are a’plenty.
So, for our next dive, we dive into the festival circuit with both feet (guess that’s not really a dive, but for safety’s sake…) with our appearance at Peoria Irish Fest on August 25th, 2018. We are appearing at the festival around noon, although there is a bit of confusion about exactly which stage and at what time, but hope to have that straightened out soon and will keep you posted.

Here is the official PIF/EF website for your reference and hope to see you there!

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