A grand Ceilidh for St. Patrick`s Day proper!

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Well, as I sit here at the keyboard thinking back on 2013, all I can say is that I’m glad it’s over.  I am sure that many of you also had trials and tribulations during the year and on a personal level, mine were mind-numbing and seemingly non-stop the whole year through. 

But some amazing things also took place last year.  After many stutters, starts and stops, Skibbereen is once again a complete unit.  Sometime around Thanksgiving, our dear friend and colleague, Steve Myers (Mo) decided to put his musical career on an indefinite hiatus.  We miss him and wish him, Kristen and Marley the very best and hope like hell he finds some time to sit in with us once in a while!  Colin had been playing drums during the lion’s share of 2013 and has now come over to (the dark side) stringed instruments:  a job for which he is well qualified (and vocals as well).  Our drum throne has been expertly manned by Mr. Matt Scherer.  No bios here but suffice to say that Matt has been a driving force in a popular Springfield rock band (with which he continues to have a working relationship) but now is bringing that drive to Skibbereen.  Mr. Danny Kerwin joined us on bass guitar (mandolin and vocals to follow VERY soon) in mid-summer and continues to grow in this kingpin position.  ‘Nuf said. 

The New Year came in with a big bang as we played two shows on New Year’s Eve, the first at “First Night” which is Springfield Area Arts Council’s alcohol-free multi-cultural and multi-performance type event.  We played at the First Presbyterian Church as an all-acoustic trio with Rachel, Colin and me in a “light” version of Skibbereen.  And when I say acoustic, I’m not kidding!  We showed up expecting at least a small PA but none was provided so we belted out the vocals and banged on guitars and played the violin (Rachel, anyway) at fortissimo volume and I do believe we filled the sanctuary with some really good music.  It’s interesting to somehow find a way to fill a big room like that and still provide the audience with necessary dynamics, but we pulled that off as well.  Then we walked down 7th street and set up for our annual Celtic Mist Pub New Year’s Eve Bash, which went swimmingly!  I spoke to Shane Turnage on 1/8/14, and he even said the owners (John and Margaret O’Riordan) were pleased at our performance and the crowd we brought in! 

Due to the necessary extra work we had to cope with to bring two new members on board for the New Year’s Eve show, we were forced to put the CD project on hold for a time.  I am happy to say that this hold period is over and the project is moving forward.  We have a different idea of how this one is going to be completed and our hopes are that this will have a more “live in the studio” feel to it than did Tus, our first CD. 

With two new members firmly secured and songwriting moving forward at a blistering pace in anticipation of the new CD, our third side of the triangle is going to be booking more shows and in venues we have either never played or have only played once.  Our focus will be on moving our geographical sphere of influence ever outward.  We are also fervently pursuing the festival circuit in anticipation of all those amazing summertime events all over the Midwest.  The Irish/Celtic genre is among the fastest-growing of all in the industry and we’re excited to be a part of this amazing scene. 

Thanks for reading:  I’m done for now and will try to pick this up at least once a month, or at least when I have some news to report.  I’d like to thank every one of you for being so supportive over the past three years (seems like just yesterday we debuted at J.P. Kelly’s, but I guess I have had a few nights’ sleep since then), we couldn’t have done this without you.  There are many special people I/we would like to thank individually but then this would really be a rant so let’s just say, you know who you are…and you look mahvelous!



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A street fair if there ever was one!

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